Zlatan Ibrahimović Tells Lebron James To Stick To Sports

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I can’t lie, I am not a big soccer guy. But I know who Zlatan is and that he’s damn good at the game of soccer. Zlatan decided to tell Lebron James he needs to stick to sports. Pulling a Laura Ingraham and telling him to shut up and dribble. This is dumb as hell by Zlatan. I hate when people tell athletes to just stick to sports. Okay, Zlatan, you want that? Then you can’t talk about anything else than soccer.

A waiter can only talk about serving people, you can only talk about what you do as a job. So dumb. This means people on Fox News or CNN, can’t talk about sports at all. None whatsoever. If this was the case, then no one should be allowed to talk about politics outside of politicians. Wait, I would enjoy that, maybe he is on to something here.

In all seriousness, these athletes are just like us. They all have opinions, so do we. I know so many people who love to share their dumbass opinion on social media. Why can’t a athlete with a platform do the same? Can’t give me a good answer why they shouldn’t be able too. Anyway, let athletes share their opinion, you guys all do.

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