Zillion Beers- Tribute

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Zillion Beers a phrase that will be sung through all fraternity houses and tailgates for years to come. In many ways brings up fond memories of the Saturdays Are For The Boys movement started by John Feitelberg. As an ex-frat star myself I can relate to the Zillion Beer movement IMMENSELY. This new brand starting brings me back to the days of old. To the days I had a mullet and would be crushing beers 4-5 days a week. To the days I would wake up brush my teeth and then grab my morning beer for my walk to my first class. It brings back to a place that I would also call my Nirvana, while in comparison to some could even been seen as there hell. Not for people like Dana and I, chaos is what we thrive off of. I mean just let me set the scene that is my ideal life. It’s me and the boys at a Saturday tailgate, there is a stench of Marlboro lights and BBQ food in the air, the boys are all screaming and we have the beer bongs going and flowing. We don’t care what the women think of us in this moment, and we care about is crushing the two 30 packs we bought and dealing with the consequences is something for future you to worry about.

In conclusion, I’d like to say thank you to Dana B. You are a hero in the eyes of me and many other young frat stars, you have given us hope again and a new battle cry and we applaud you. So here’s to Zillion Beers, may it live on forever and take off to the fucking moon.

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die”

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