Zack Hample Proves Yet Again Why He Should Be Banned From Every MLB Stadium @zack_hample

Baseball’s biggest clown strikes yet again. I hate this virgin idiot, but now I cannot stand him even more if you need a refresher on who this idiot is read these articles below.

This jerk off steals baseballs from kids, wants to be the center of attention, runs out of his seat to get a five dollar ball and makes himself look like an asshole all the time. This dude is such a clown but now the latest story is how he tried to extorted the Yankees for A-Rods 3,000th hit and had an asshole list of demands.

He also tried to go to war with Jomboy which is a wrong decision, this is a bizarre life Zack Hample lives traveling to ballparks and stealing balls from kids. He was loser in school for sure. He also caught two home runs in the same exact sport in the ALCS, very annoying.

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