Zack Hample Proves Yet Again Why He is The Biggest Jerk Alive @zack_hample

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Brett Gardner who has been struggling a lot this whole season finally hit his first homerun of the year and guess who caught it? Baseballs biggest jerk off Zack Hample. Yes that guy who on paper has the greatest job in the world traveling to all MLB parks and just enjoying watching baseball. But this man continues to be absolutely annoying wherever he goes.

Watch this man literally run across multiple rows and chase down this baseball. People always wonder how he gets some many baseballs, it is because he acts like an absolute douche to get them.

I really don’t like this man and if it comes out he is slow or has something wrong with him mentally I will apologize but he acts like an asshole and a child wherever he goes. Like act like you have been there before you have ‘caught’ so many homers before and you freak out like this? Grow up.

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