Zack Hample Is A Grown Man Who Steals Baseballs From Kids. @zack_hample

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Zack Hample is that schmuck that goes to every Major League ballpark and ‘catches’ homerun balls for a living. His job is great, he gets to travel to every ballpark and just watch baseball for a living so I can’t hate him for that. What I can not like him for is he is a liar and a virgin that steals homerun balls from kids for a living. I present you Exhibit A:

Mr. Hample is saying this ball “pretty much came right to me” well I am glad Twitter can fact check this dummy because video doesn’t lie, but Zach certainly does, watch for yourself:

I am not an expert in anything but it looks like he ran across the row to obtain this baseball. I love baseball as much as the next guy but it is super weird to me that a guy with no kids or anything brings a glove to a ballpark to hopefully catch a baseball. That seems childish too me but hey, to each their own. This clip just showed that this man continues to be a terrible human being and also don’t forget this is the man, this year who put out the tweet that Yankee fans were in the bleachers screaming racial slurs at players and that was proven wrong as well and then he deleted the tweet because he is a moron.

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