YouTuber MrBeast Planning On Hosting $1,000,000 Challenge With His Fans | @MrBeastYT

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Mr. Beast whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson has brought YouTube to another level by his crazy video ideas including giving money away and hosting different challenges. 

According to the stars Twitter he is planning on doing a challenge with his fans and giving away $1,000,000.

Maybe he will invite only a handful of people? Or maybe he will invite a few hundred. We will have to wait and see.


Although he said to stop asking him for money in a recent Tweet… I’m still going to shoot my shot… Jimmy, if you’re reading this… I’ve done multiple blogs about you, including the MrBeast has the hottest merch in the game blog…

I’d love to be apart of any challenges.  DM me by clicking here if you’re interested in getting in touch.

Either way what an awesome idea!

Clearly Mr.Beast is all about giving back and taking things to another level, and this is exactly how you do it. Give back to your community.

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