YouTuber MrBeast Gives House To Person In Need, Buys A Bunch Of Houses and Then Lists Them For Sale For $1

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Mr. Beast whose real n ame is Jimmy Donaldson continues to shock the entire Internet with his video ideas. Sometimes I personally wonder how he’ll top his last video but somehow he always does it.

Recently Mr.Beast went out and bought a bunch of houses and then he listed them for sale for only $1.

Wow! Mr. Beast is wild. Talk about amazing video ideas, great content, and giving back to people.

He had a huge sign outside of the houses saying it’s for sale for $1. Now these aren’t tiny houses or anything.

The first house had a full gym and a man cave!

Every house had it’s own unique features and they’re all pretty sick!

The final house was used for someone who was in need! They filled the house with new furniture and surprised the person.

After that they shocked her even more by showing her, her new vehicle!

Wow! What a move by Mr.Beast!

Mr. Beast if you’re reading this and are willing/wanting to give back a little more, click here for my dad’s GoFundMe for his inoperable lung cancer!

Any amount is appreciated.

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