YouTuber FaZe Rug Buys $10,000,000 Dream Home At 23 Years Old – @FaZeRug

If you’ve been watching YouTube for awhile now you’ve more than likely stumbled upon a video of FaZe Rug!

Recently Rug purchased his dream home! His YouTube video was titled that it’s a $10,000,000 house!

The 23 year old who has been the king of YT is purchasing his own house and moving out of his parents house. Rugs brother who is also a YouTuber purchased a home earlier in the year and now it’s Rugs turn.

From the awesome interior, outdoor mini golf, the bar, the pool, to the movie theater, everything about this house is a dream home. I couldn’t imagine purchasing this right now at his age. Just seems crazy, he’s a year older than me and purchasing homes like this. Congrats to Rug! Anything can happen.

The house is absolutely beautiful – the video of him revealing his new house can be found below:

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