YouTuber Airrack Snuck Into The Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Fight! @airrack

With millions of people watching the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight a YouTuber, Airrack, decided that he would attempt to sneak into the exclusive event.

He’s done it before. But not something like this. Not during a pandemic. Not during an event where there is only 400 people in the building. Well 403. Because he snuck in with a couple of friends.

After walking around the outside of Staples Center he realized that there was QR code on the door. After that? It was smooth sailing.

When Mike Tyson walks by Airrack, it was an unreal moment. Like honestly, from not sitting and home and thinking of the idea of sneaking in to actually doing it and being a foot away from Mike Tyson is CRAZY!

Airrack has 780,000 subscribers and I’m sure this video will get him over 800,000! He deserves that. He’s trying to hit a million by the end of the year. That would be tough. But this video makes the quick subscribe worth it.

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