YouTube Continues To Wrongly Censor/Ban Nelk Boys And It Should Be Against 1st Amendment | @NelkFilmz @JesseSebastiani @stevewilldoit @KyleForgeard

Nothing is worse than YouTube when it comes to content guidelines, which doesn’t add up. It’s 2020, we are seeing companies like Barstool Sports becoming the media giant by making edgy content. But seeing the NELK Boys get censored by YouTube.

Does YouTube think ad companies don’t want to be affiliated with the NELK Boys? Because that wouldn’t make any sense bringing in millions and millions of views every video, how can YouTube keep trying to remove them?

The NELK Boys shared this today confirming that this coming Monday’s scheduled upload more than likely won’t happen seeing YouTube banned their account again.

They’re in a constant fight with YouTube and it’s ridiculous. It should be against the first amendment to take down content.

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