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Your Racism Is Showing: Rob Roy Auto Salisbury, Massachusetts

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I’m back with another segment of calling out your racism, if you enjoy this blog, click here and follow our Calling Our Racists section on Twitter!

Today we have a post by JM Anders who posted an image of what is hanging outside of Rob Roy Auto in Salisbury, Massachusetts!

The post read:

The anger – rage – racism – misogyny has begun. Feel free to reach out to Rob Roy Auto Salisbury MA (985) 985-3136.

Click here to view the businesses Facebook page.

Someone in the comments made a very valid post:

“Seems like the only response a meathead can summon when threatened by a Woman more accomplished and intelligent than him and in a position of power is to call her a whore or slut. Ha Ha….Yawn”

As we learn more information about this we will update you on our Callin’ Out Racism page on Twitter!

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