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Your Racism Is Showing: Phillip Rock Knocked Out While Leaving Players Place Pool Hall Bar in Charleston, South Carolina Because He Was Called Racist Slurs

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I’m back with another segment of calling out your racism, if you enjoy this blog, click here and follow our Calling Our Racists section on Twitter!

Today’s story is about Phillip Rock who was knocked out while leaving Players Place Pool Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. Philip was leaving the place due to being called racist slurs. As he left a man followed him out and knocked him out cold.

The bar owners lied to police and everyone involved saying the man fell. But what he didn’t know was Rock had a dash camera in his vehicle.

A post on Facebook by Tate Hansen reads:

This is a Hate Crime. It should be attended to as such.

This following video took place in Charleston SC at the Players Place Pool Hall. The man hit had been at the Bar drinking and playing pool with friends when he offended the one of the people at the bar for talking to a white woman. A few harsh words were exchanged including the man calling him the N word multiple times.

He then tried to leave the establishment peacefully but on his way out the person followed him and Knocked him clean cold out on the ground. Now this is where shit gets bad. The other patrons and staff then tell the man to go home and they’ll take care of it. They called the police and told them he had fallen and then took his personal cell phone out of his pocket and call his mom telling the same lie. What none of them realized is the man has his dash cam rolling the whole time. The only person they have arrested so far is the man who hit him.

None of the people who LIED TO THIS MANS MOTHER AND THE POLICE have been arrested. We demand justice. We demand the rest of the people are arrested for covering up this HATE CRIME.

There is a rally planned for Phillip this Friday! You can click here to get more information on the rally.

The man who punched him has been identified as Christopher Lee White.

As we learn more information about this we will update you on our Callin’ Out Racism page on Twitter!

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