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Your Racism Is Showing: Karlie and Hallie Haymore, Keely Huffman Go Viral For Racist Comments Made To Black Students

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A Facebook post by a mother, Maiysha Howard, shows what her kids have been having to deal with at school.

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The video posted by Maiysha shows Karlie and Hallie Haymore along with Keely Huffman from Buena High School in Arizona making racist comments.

After the first videos went semi viral the mother posted more videos!

When will this end? When will parents teach there kids the right from wrong?

It starts with the parents, not with the kids.

Wow! What a shame!

If you’d like to contact the school here is the information along with an email that people are sending to the school from nearby areas.

My name is [name]. I am a resident of Sierra Vista, AZ and I am emailing today to demand accountability for the racist and unsafe actions of Karisa Haymore, A special education paraprofessional in the school district.

Mrs. Haymore‘s daughter, Karlie Haymore is a recent Buena Graduate, and has been featured online in videos in which she uses racial slurs, racist remarks, and black face. I demand that this behavior be condemned by Buena high school, and if Karlie is receiving any scholarship funds from Buena high school they be revoked.

Mrs. Haymore, an employee, is personally reaching out to and threatening students who are sharing these videos. Mrs. Haymore is specifically using her position within the school district to threaten and intimidate students of color. She is threatening to call the police on them, which we know from recent events such as the Amy Cooper scandal, is racist violence in itself. A grown woman defending racism is not in line with the mission of SVPS and an employee using social media to intimidate and threaten students is unconscionable. Mrs. Haymore works specifically with students in the special ed department. This woman cannot be trusted to work with vulnerable communities, or children at all. She is clearly unfit for a role in education and unsafe around our students. As a member of this community I demand immediate termination of Karisa Haymore. Photos of her inappropriate communications with students are attached to this email.


(Your name)

Buena High School
Kristen Hale
Greg Duce – Seniors
Elizabeth Jimenez- Juniors
Adam Steiner – Sophomores
Nicole Young – Freshmen

Superintendent Kelly Glass
3555 E. Fry Blvd.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
phone: 520-515-2713
fax: 520-515-2721

Administrative Assistant Alan Ramsey
phone: 520-515-2713
fax: 520-515-2721

The mother of the kids have came out and said they see nothing wrong with the way that the kids acted.

One of the parents, Instagram accounts is still up! Click here!

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