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Your Racism Is Showing: Customer Calls Black Worker At Food Lion In Hope Mills, NC N-Word Multiple Times!

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I’m back with another segment of calling out your racism, if you enjoy this blog, click here and follow our Calling Our Racists section on Twitter!

A live video posted by Shakihla Keke Simmons on Facebook caught majority of the incident.

A customer at Food Lion decided it was okay to try and attack an employee because of his skin color. Yup!

This happened at Food Lion in Hope Mills, North Carolina!

If anyone has anymore information regarding this please send it into our Twitter account!

We’d love to update this with more info! This worker deserves a raise, it’d be nice if there was a GoFundMe for him. There is no need for someone to be treated like this while working.

Welcome to 2020.

As we learn more information about this we will update you on our Callin’ Out Racism page on Twitter!

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