Calling Out Racism

Your Racism is Showing: Amanda Jennings, Louisiana Woman Who Messaged a Black Woman That She Will Hang Her

We are back for another ‘Calling Out Racism’ segment. This one spotlights a thing on Facebook Messenger between two women that gotten ugly in a hurry.

This story covers Amanda Jennings, a Louisiana woman who messaged a black woman that she will hang her and called her a ‘little black b*tch.’

It is not clear why Amanda did message to the woman like that, but the Facebook post down below may have something to do with it.

They are trying to back peddle now. So now …. this agitator that was actually one of them dressed like a Rebel is…

Posted by Amanda Jennings on Monday, June 29, 2020

It should not surprise anyone that she messaged someone like that because Amanda does have the now-infamous Confederate flag in timeline photo, citing that ‘she is a rebel.’

The above picture is her full name on her Facebook profile.

Feel free to please report her for her racist messages, by clicking for her profile link here.

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