Your Length In Bed And Favorite NFL Teams Are Scientifically Linked And The Results Are Suprising

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You’re probably reading this title and thinking either one this is really interesting, or two this is going to be fucking stupid. Well if you’re thinking it’s going to be stupid you’re completely wrong. And after reading your fan-bases average length in bed it’ll lighten you up a little bit.

The website hims did all of the research and have some staggering results. Let me tell you if you’re dating someone who is a Cincinnati Bengals fan you’re going to be really disappointed. But if you’re a Detroit Lions fan the tradition of losing doesn’t carry over to the bedroom.

Let’s check out a couple of the lowest.

The second lowest isn’t a surprise Cleveland Browns. 2:18

Image result for cleveland browns fans

I would be very disappointed to be a Browns fan because your team has nothing but a losing tradition, and this doesn’t help.

Another very low one if Minnesota Vikings fan’s. 2:22

Image result for minnesota vikings fans sad

Honestly being a Detroit Lions fan, this makes me smile more than you’d realize. We have nothing but a losing tradition… And Minnesota deserves this…. I wish it was Green Bay this low.

New England Patriots 2:37

Image result for dave portnoy patriots

Well the winning football isn’t transferring to the bed here. Isn’t the lowest, but you’d expect winners on the field to win in bed.

Dallas Cowboys 3:10

Image result for dallas cowboys cheerleaders

Well when you grow up looking at the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders you better be able to last a little while in bed. Congrats.



Detroit Lions 4:14 – No Surprise Here

Image result for detroit lions fans

Ladies, if you’d like my number all you have to do is DM me. But seriously thought this isn’t anything that we came up with. We were requested to do a blog about this when the season started, hell Barstool Sports even blogged it and I really didn’t look at it. But when I did today and realized the results I couldn’t help but share this.




What one is the most surprising?

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