Yooper Throws Tantrum For Being Removed From Beslin Center by MSU Police For Refusing To Wear Mask Correctly

Oh man! I love where I live. Being a Yooper is unique and the outdoors are awesome. But whenever a Yooper is in the news lately it seems like it’s for something outrageous. Or just pure stupidity. And that’s where we are at today.

During the division 3 boys basketball state championship at the Breslin Center between Iron Mountain and Flint Beecher. A man from Iron Mountain, Michigan was warned multiple times to pull his mask up and wear it correctly. He decided that he didn’t want to do that.

He kept being told to pull his mask up or else he’d end up being kicked out. Well that Yooper decided to throw a fit over having to pull his mask up and decided to throw his popcorn all over the place when he was told he had to leave. What a look for the Upper Peninsula. He literally threw a temper tantrum like a young child would.

I mean how hard is it to wear a mask for two hours?

He was told by MSU police that you have to pull your mask up multiple times as we are still in a pandemic and Michigan is a hot spot right now and decided not to listen. Now this image of him being removed is being talked about everywhere. Way to make the U.P look dumb.

All because the Yooper wanted to take the focus off the game and put it on to himself. How dumb.

I’m sure someone reading this will say “he was just standing up for what’s right” and if you’re saying that, what’s right is protecting everyone the best they can. Michigan is a hot spot, he was warned and decided to throw a hissy fit.

Everyone wants to have all high school sports back – but people like this will ruin it for everyone.

Twitter has some strong words for him:

Oh yeah… Iron Mountain lost.

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