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Yooper Packers Fan Arrested For Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Assault & Battery of an Officer

Image Courtesy: Fox 11 News Green Bay (Facebook)
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A lot of things happened in last night’s controversial Monday Night Football game at Lambeau Field, but a Green Bay Packers fan from the Upper Peninsula is currently facing charges after displaying unruly behavior at a restaurant in the stadium. 

Ethan Lindquist, 26, of Iron Mountain, was arrested last night and facing multiple charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery of a law enforcement officer, and attempted battery of an emergency rescue worker, via reports from Fox 11 News Green Bay. 

The incident occurred at the 1919 Kitchen and Tap where Lindquist was refused service due to the bartender feeling he was too drunk. Lindquist left the restaurant in a list of profanities and officers attempted to arrested him. 

As Lindquist was resisting arrest from three officers at the scene, he would go on to threaten the officers and eventually also attempted to bite one officer’s leg. 

On his way to jail, he shouted the obscenities at a female officer multiple times and even was hurting himself by trying to break the divider inside the car by banging his head. 

There was no knowledge of the blood alcohol content in Lindquist at the time and it is unknown if he was bailed out or not. 

He is expected to his court appearance Tuesday afternoon. 

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