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Yooper Joe Ostman Gets Welcome To NFL Moment, But Hustles Down And Makes Tackle After Being Stiff Armed By Nick Chubb

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As a resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – I have to cheer for another Yooper, Joe Ostman, who made his NFL debut on Sunday for Philadelphia.

If you don’t know what a ‘Yooper’ is, it’s someone who is born/lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Above the Mackinaw Bridge. Waaay UP North. “Basically Canada”.

Sadly the play everyone watched him in, he ended up getting stiff armed.

But if you watch instead of just sitting there, he got up, hustled down, and somehow made the tackle.

That’s what you want out of your young guys. I’m not sure how much he played. But during that play he showed me a lot, most players would have given up. He made the most of his opportunity after being destroyed.

That was his first NFL tackle! Hustle. Determination. A play he will never forget. People thought he looked bad, little did they know he was the one who hustled down for the tackle. Impressive!

Click here to learn more about Ostman!

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