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Yet Another Karen Caught on Camera for Profiling a Black Family in Montclair, NJ

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Karen’s at it again… But this time her name is Susan and she is a resident of Montclair, NJ working at the Environmental Protection Agency. Only thing that we need to be protected of are racist Karens. It’s bad enough you gotta act like a Karen talking about permits but you have to racially profile as well? The video below shows Susan, the Karen in this case, in the middle of the street harassing her neighbors and calling the police to claim that the husband pushed her. While the rest of the street berate this woman and all are eye witnesses to see that the husband did not indeed push her, she goes into panic mode and pleads to for the wife to stop recording. So please Internet, do your job and spread the word. We can’t let people like Susan get away with this type of attitude and behavior.

Good thing is that when she called the police, the cops actually took the lawyers’ side over her. Thankfully we didn’t have another crisis on our hand with injustice this time around.

News spread around local Facebook groups which caused students of Montclair University to protest on Susan’s street. What a great way to be intolerant of racism. I sincerely applaud Montclair, NJ for this.

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