Yankee Fans It Doesn’t Look Like Masahiro Tanaka Wants To Leave

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Pending free agent Masahiro Tanaka is currently out to dinner with teammate and super ace Gerrit Cole. This doesn’t mean anything obviously in an offseason a lot can happen who knows if the Yankees want to bring Tanaka back, I would like them too but a lot can happen.

It is nice to see Cole and Tanaka being close and going out to dinner. Yankee fans don’t want Tanaka to leave and it looks like Cole doesn’t want him to leave either. Going into the 2021 season there is a lot of uncertainty but with Tanaka on the staff it would obviously strengthen that starting rotation. I think a majority of Yankee fans can agree Tanaka definitely lived up to his seven year deal. He was fantastic in the post season and nothing short of a big game pitcher. When you need a win he is calming factor on the mound. I would hate to see Masahiro in anything but a Yankee uniform next season, but who knows Cashman might have other plans.

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