WWE TV Ratings Sink In The U.K.

BackBodyDrop.com recently posted the ratings breakdowns for WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling television programs in the United Kingdom.

NXT and NXT U.K. seems to be fairing the worst with the numbers apparently so low they didn’t even make the charts at all one week. Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and NXT U.K. air on BT Sport.

”October 12, 2020 Update
Raw live on October 5 – 63,800 (down 6,500 on the prior week)
NXT live on October 7 – did not chart
SmackDown live on October 9 – 65,700 (up 15,000 on the prior week)

NXT UK – did not chart

Impact Wrestling on Freesports – 13,000 (debut episode on the station)

AEW Dynamite from October 7 (aired October 9) – 143,000 (down 6,000 on the prior week)”

A source in the U.K. told me ”BT Sport must feel like they bought the Titanic right after it hit the iceberg.”

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