WWE Superstar Paige Teases OnlyFans Account. Will Kleenex Stock Soar?

Is WWE Superstar Paige joining OnlyFans? That’s the question horndogs everywhere were asking after Paige tweeted:

Paige, who some might say has a penchant for stirring the pot revealed that the OnlyFans wasn’t what fans were probably hoping for. I won’t spoil Paige’s joke, so click the link to see for yourself.

The Twitterverse reacted as expected with some interesting responses:

If Paige were to go on the OnlyFans sites most Pro Sports Extra readers think of, there could be a run on Kleenex, especially if she were to post some vintage photos from when she held the NXT

Women’s Championship. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case for now. However, as someone remarked on Twitter, finding Paige pics isn’t as challenging as it might seem.

If you’re one of those poor investors who missed out on the GameStop surge, I wouldn’t recommend buying Kleenex stock based on Paige’s tease.

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