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WWE Star To Vince McMahon: “You Failed as a Leader.”

Former WWE star Eric Young (aka Jeremy Fritz) claims he called WWE chairman Vince McMahon a failure as a leader. Young, who was released on April 15, 2020, and is now working for IMPACT Wrestling spoke with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube about confronting Vinnie Mac:

According to a partial transcript by Ringside News Young told Van Vliet:

“If you have a 3-hour television show, pro-wrestling television show, and you can’t find something for me to do then you are failing as a leader,” Young said. “Plain and simple. You failed your company. You failed the shareholders, you failed the fans and you failed yourself.”

Wrestling fans know just how bad the WWE product is (as do the many fans who have stopped watching due to the lackluster product). It’s pretty bad when an active (active at the time) Superstar tells you that you’ve failed but that’s nothing compared to the WWE’s ever-sinking ratings and hit-and-miss performance on Wall Street.

What do you think of Eric Young’s comments? Let us know in the comments below.

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