WWE should change NXT’s next star Bron Breakker back to Rex Steiner

On NXT, Bron Brekker looks like a million dollars. Truth be told, he should be the next star that both NXT and WWE builds.

Some might remember Breakker’s uncle and father; Rick and Scott Steiner, who in the 1980’s and 1990’s, were one of the most dominant tag teams in the Steiner Brothers.

Bronson Rechsteiner, who is the son of Rick Steiner, is the latest of second generation talent to get involved in wrestling and thus far, Breakker looks like the real thing.

Heck, if you listen to him on the mic, he sounds just like Uncle Scott.

Some even think that Breakker is basically both Steiner brothers in one body.

But here’s the thing. WWE had initially wanted to go with Rex Steiner for his character, and then at the last second, changed it to Bron Breakker.

We all get that WWE likes their sports entertainment names. But this isn’t 1993 anymore. With the internet and smart phones, everyone knows who he really is.

Why WWE won’t let the commentators refer to his family history is beyond any of us. Personally, it’s silly. Breakker is a star in the making.

What sounds more main event catching: Bron Breakker or Rex Steiner?

It’s definitely Rex Steiner. It sounds cool. It sounds main event like. Heck, he is a main eventer already.In the war with AEW and building new stars, the WWE needs to let their pettiness go.

The fans would rather him be Rex Steiner.


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