WWE Raw Without Women’s Superstars Increases Viewership

It’s been 10 months since the McMahon family stood in front of the camera on Monday Night Raw and promised to deliver on what fans want – empowering them, providing fresh faces and new matches.

Several months ago, WWE announced that Paul Heyman was promoted to Executive Director of Raw. 

During this time, little has changed, from a viewer standpoint. The show has been unable to build its audience in any consistent and significant manner.

One constant during this time has been the forced push of Becky Lynch, as part of WWE’s attempt to cash in on the women’s empowerment movement in society.

That’s why this week’s Raw viewership caught my eye. The show averaged 2.34 million viewers, an increase of over 60,000 viewers from last week.

What was different about Monday’s show? It still went up against Monday Night Football. It no longer had the same benefits of the ‘Wild Card’ shows of the past.

Becky Lynch was absent from Raw. In fact, the show didn’t feature a single women’s match or segment over the entire course of three hours, and I couldn’t have been happier.

That’s right, a WWE show with no Becky Lynch and no women increased viewership – and certainly didn’t lose viewership. How can that be? It goes completely against the social narrative that has been pushed every time you turn around. 

Nobody has been pushed harder in WWE in 2019 than Becky Lynch, and yet her absence from the show is completely meaningless to its success. In fact, her position in the company coincides with declines in merchandise sales, ticket sales, and even stock drops.

This increase in Raw viewership gives WWE a unique opportunity. Knowing they aren’t a draw as it currently stands, they can experiment with the idea of using women’s Superstars as an attraction or continue forcing an agenda that at best isn’t working and at worst is costing them viewers.


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