WWE Journalist Brad Shepard Told To Kill Himself – @TheBradShepard

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I’m sick to my stomach. Listen, I understand that some people might not like WWE journalist/podcaster Brad Shepard and…. yeah sometimes his WWE reports aren’t 100% accurate but C’mon. He get’s it right majority of the time. And if you don’t think that you don’t follow his twitter. I personally don’t think that Brad cares too much about thousands of hate tweets he received but I’m annoyed after reading this email. 

Let’s get you caught up, Monday our blogger/host of “Oh, You Didn’t Know Wrestling Show” Brad received a ton of hate on Twitter and you can search his name to see for yourself. 

Honestly go ahead and hate on the guy but this email he received today was BEYOND ridiculous. 

First off, how are you going to type all of that and decide to send it. Get a life, all over Wrestling! You’re going to send these emails? Wow. Lowlife. 

Second off, stop tagging me and sending me messages to fire Brad. Brad has a spot here for A LONG TIME, he’s an awesome talent and we’re glad he is here. He’s here and for the long run.

I asked Brad about the situation and here was his statement:

“The sheer stupidity of some pro wrestling fans never ceases to amaze. I’m pretty sure at this point I could write a book of the stories, insults, death threats…. etc. I’ve actually started sharing some of it on the OYDKWS Pareon (https://www.patreon.com/OYDKWS) for entertainment. Maybe one day they’ll discover the fights are fake and pro wrestling is entertainment – until then, the fun continues.”

Keep your head up Brad and keep grinding!

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