WWE has a new ‘Fiend’ on its Hands in Rusev


WWE already has one fiend on its programming – a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character in Bray Wyatt who seeks to destroy everything in his path.

After this week’s Raw, it’s clear that WWE has a new fiend on its hands, who coincidentally also seeks to destroy everything in his path – his path just happens to be Lana’s nether regions.

Lana, who is a legit smokeshow, outed her husband on Raw as a sex fiend, who wants to bang her at all hours of the day (huge pop). Apparently, that was too much for Lana, who just wants to be treated like a lady with a successful career and taken out to her favorite restaurants.

The plot thickened when Lana revealed Rusev had cheated, a claim Rusev denied. To be fair, Bobby Lashley is the Superstar who told her, and well, they’re now a thing (who can forget his risqué calf rub on the massage table).

This hullabaloo led to a fight between Rusev and Lashley.

Will Rusev get help for his rampant sexual addiction? Will Lashley ‘Rusev crush” Lana’s insides?  Will Rusev finally get revenge on the man cucking him?  Tune in next week, on Days of our Wives.

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