WWE Clash Of Champions Gold Rush Results 9/27/20

WWE Clash Of Champions “Gold Rush” results from Orlando, Florida, USA 🇺🇸 at Amway Center live on WWE Network:

There was some breaking news before the show. Nikki Cross and Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are off the show in what is believed to be related to COVID-19 issues but no specific reason has been given publicly. Bayley vs. Nikki Cross and Baszler and Jax vs. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan will not take place this evening.

Charly Caruso, JBL, Booker T. and Peter Rosenberg are the free Kickoff Show panel. Caruso acknowledged that Cross, Baszler and Jax are not “medically cleared” to compete but she didn’t not give the details. The words “COVID-19”, “virus” and “pandemic” have been banned to say on WWE broadcasts by Vince McMahon. Caruso said there will be an update about the status of the Women’s Tag Team Titles tomorrow night on Raw.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura were interviewed in their Champion’s Lounge. They were already celebrating their win with champagne before the match against Lucha House Party even took place.

The panel did a long spilt screen interview with MVP who referred to himself as the “spokesman” of The Hurt Business. He continued to complain about Apollo Crews getting shots at the U.S. Title. He said Cedric Alexander will become a major playing force in The Hurt Business. He teased that an international talent may soon be joining the group. He said Bobby Lashley thinks The Hurt Business is a global brand and all they care about is the color of money when it comes down to who can join them. He said Retribution is not a distraction to them.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth walked up to the panel desk to do a comedy promo. He was dressed in disguise as an 1800s gold miner since the show is called Gold Rush.

Angel Garza and Andrade did a backstage interview. They blamed Zelina Vega for all of their problems when she was their manager. They said they were glad to be rid of her and they’re now on the same page.

Sami Zayn walked up to the panel to complain about having to decide the undisputed Intercontinental Championship in the 3-way Ladder Match tonight against AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura beat Lince Dorado and Kalisto when Nakamura pinned Kalisto after a Cesaro giant swing into the Kinshasa in the Kickoff Match. Nakamura grabbed Dorado and suplexed him over the guardrail toward the end to take him out of the match. Gran Metalik was at ringside with Dorado and Kalisto but he was not any help to them whatsoever.

John Cena did the voiceover introduction on the pay-per-view opening video.

Sami Zayn won the 3-way Ladder Match by defeating Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles to become the new champion. There was some innovative stuff as Zayn pulled out two pairs of handcuffs as a weapon. He handcuffed Hardy by his earlobe to a ladder on the floor. He briefly handcuffed Styles to himself and then the ladder below the titles. With both opponents immobilized, Zayn climbed the ladder to grab both belts to win the match. After the match Zayn did an interview on the stage and gloated, but also STILL complained that he never lost the title.

Zayn was stripped of the title back in May after refusing to compete over concerns about the virus pandemic. Styles won the vacant title over Daniel Bryan in a tournament final on Smackdown in June. Hardy then defeated Styles for the title on Smackdown on 8/21/20. When Zayn retuned to the company weeks ago, he had his I-C Title belt still with him and claimed to still be the champion because he never lost it and he was stripped due to unprecedented circumstances.

R-Truth was sneaking around backstage still dressed like a 1800s miner. He tried to hide in the referee’s locker room and they immediately recognized him. As he was leaving the room, Drew Gulak was warming up in the hallway and pinned Truth from behind to win the 24/7 Title.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka beat Zelina Vega by Asuka Lock submission. Asuka did an in-ring interview after the match. She said Vega was a firecracker but she “wasn’t ready for Asuka”. Vega acted friendly and bowed to Asuka then attacked her when Asuka bowed in return to her. This look like it will continue their feud.

United States Champion Bobby Lashley beat Apollo Crews by Full Nelson submission.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford beat Andrade and Angel Garza in a botched finish when Dawkins gave Andrade a power bomb and the referee counted the pin even though Andrade clearly kicked out. The announcers said that the referee screwed up the call. Garza legit injured his leg and medical staff was checking on him afterwards.

New 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak did an excited and proud interview backstage. R-Truth attacked him from behind to win the title once again.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley came out and gloated that Nikki Cross was not cleared to compete. She said she would give anyone else in the back a shot at the title but she quickly rushed the referee to try to win by forfeit. Asuka came out to answer the challenge.

Asuka beat Bayley by Disqualification when Bayley used as chair as a weapon as they were brawling outside the ring. After the match, Bayley was celebrating retaining the title by the cheap and easy DQ. Sasha Bank, wearing a neck brace, ran up from behind and hit Bayley in the back with a chair then rolled her in the ring and repeatedly hit her with a kendo stick.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match after the Claymore Kick followed up by a punt to the head as Orton was hanging out of the back of the ambulance. Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels made cameos during the match to attack Orton to get revenge after he attacked them throughout the year. There was a big spot as HBK super kicked Orton off the top of the ambulance. Ric Flair was revealed after the match as the ambulance driver. He gave McIntyre a “whoooo!” on the big win and drove Orton out of the venue.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns beat Jey Uso by white towel throw referee stoppage. This was Paul Heyman booking. It turned into a long and drawn out family drama play. Uso hit the frog splash but acted like the impact hurt his ribs and he could not cover Reigns for the pin. Reigns took control and gave him two spears. The ring had the microphone volume clear for viewers to hear Reigns repeatedly trash talk Uso and demand to be called ”The Tribal Chief” of their family. Uso refused. Reigns continued to punish him with punches and strikes on the mat. Jimmy Uso ran down to ringside with the white towel. Jey didn’t want him to stop the match but Jimmy did it out of fear and concern. He ran in the ring to check on his brother after the match and acted afraid of Reigns. He called Reigns the chief to get him to stop attacking Jey. The show ended with Reigns looking over his weakened cousins.

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