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Wrestling’s Greatest Entrance Ever? The Brood’s is the Best.

Wrestling fans know the grappling game has come a long way from the days when a ring announcer introduced a wrestler’s name, weight, and hometown (be it Chicago, Illinois or the seemingly mythical Parts Unknown). Now, even the lowliest of wrestlers enter with music and a Titantron video.

Wrestling fans have seen some elaborate entrances, ranging from Kane’s fiery, red-tinted entrance to the minimalist, but remarkably effective entrance for Mr. Kennedy. However, when it comes to the best of the best, nothing can compare to that of the Brood. Keep in mind that when I’m talking entrances, I’m not talking special entrances like fans see at WrestleMania and other big events, but the routine (if they can even be called that) entrances during RAW and SmackDown.

The Brood’s entrance stands the test of time as the greatest entrance in wrestling history

The Brood was the perfect faction during the Attitude Era, incorporating gothic elements without the corniness of earlier gimmicks like Papa Shango. Their look was unique and their matches were fantastic. It’s no wonder that Edge and Christian became highly decorated athletes during their WWE careers. As for Gangrel, the WWF made a serious error when they had him cut a promo because once he spoke, the mystique was gone. However, Gangrel did fine post-WWE as he entered the adult film industry including landing a gig as a director for the New Porn Order company.

The Brood also shows how banding unknown wrestlers together in a faction is a good way to introduce them and gradually insert them into the roster. The Brood got off to a great start as a collective unit, working with the red-hot Ministry of Darkness storyline. Eventually, Edge and Christian were established enough that they became a top tag team and well, you know the rest.

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