Wrestling Weiner Woes: Does Jim Cornette Have a Micropenis?

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Does Jim Cornette have a micropenis? That’s the question fans may be asking after AEW star Penelope Ford commented on some recent remarks from Jim Cornette about AEW Revolution’s Miro/Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy/Chuck Taylor bout. Cornette’s comments so enraged Miro that the big man seemingly threatened to seriously injure (if not kill) Jim Cornette:

While Cornette didn’t name Penelope Ford in his latest diatribe, there’s little doubt who he was referring to when he said (transcript from Ringside News) the following during a recent podcast:

“[Miro] is being allowed to be himself, and he is obviously a complete f*cking goof. He has no idea how to get over. He has no idea what got him over for that little time before in the other company. He does this stupid sh*t and obviously enjoys himself doing it. He was paired with a f*cking kid who looks like he’s in middle school and his slutty girlfriend to have a feud with a guy who sticks his hands in his pockets and another guy who looks like he cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener.”

Ford apparently has had enough and after a Cornette fan defended his remarks. Ford replied with a laser-guided blast:

This isn’t the first time the issue of baby dicks in wrestling has come up. You may recall Terri Runnels allegations concerning Brock Lesnar’s private parts and how she claimed he has a baby dick.

Whether or not Jim Cornette is a cuckold and/or has a micropenis cannot be confirmed at this time, but you can be sure Pro Sports Extra will continue following this story.

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