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Wrestling Legend Jerry The King Lawler Makes Cameo In Wonder Woman 1984

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Like millions all over the world, I was stuck at home for Christmas this morning. With not much to do, I officially caved in and got HBO Max. I vowed months to NOT sign up for another streaming service. However, once the movie roll out was announced for 2021 along with Wonder Woman 1984 dropping on December 25th, I was hooked. My bad. I now have HBO Max after swearing I wouldn’t. Such is life.

After getting through the emotional Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion, it was time for the new Wonder Woman movie to debut. I believe it was around 11am when it would officially premiere. I was ready to go…and actually quite enjoyed it. I won’t bore you all with spoilers and the in depth review, but it was good. Fun stuff. Even Kristen Wiig was great…and I kinda don’t like her. Mean, I know. She was maybe the bright spot in Wonder Woman 84 though…

…until a WWE Hall of Famer decided to make a brief cameo. No, not in person. Only in magazine form but who cares?

Jerry THE KING Lawler popped up!

Quite the surprise and really a cool moment. You see, the flick takes place in 1984, and anybody who knows wrestling knows that The King ruled the world long before he became a WWE commentator in the mid 1990’s. As the tweets below show, not only was I instantly aware of the awesome throwback, Lawler was too.

He kinda, sorta threw a re-tweet my way on Twitter and gave a quick story about the magazine cover used for the movie. Again, 1984 and all. 

An August 1984 magazine issue, as the movie featured a cool Fourth of July celebration. Props to the attention to detail.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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