WrestleMania 37 Reportedly Moving to Tampa

WrestleMania 37 won’t be held in Hollywood, at least according to Ringside News.

While I’d put this in the category of wild speculation, it makes sense as last year, Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti said there might not be any mass public gatherings for up until a year (which would mean no WrestleMania). According to a Los Angeles Times article from April 15, 2020:

Garcetti indicated during the conference call that “large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events may not be approved in the city for at least 1 year,” according to the email.

Like many entertainment and sporting organizations, the WWE has been dealing with finding a way to hold shows without fans being present. Like rival promotion AEW, the WWE has been holding shows in empty arenas or arenas with wrestlers present. However, the WWE’s game plan has always been to hold shows as soon as possible. You may recall Vince McMahon had scheduled shows in Florida with fans present for late July, but Florida’s spike in coronavirus cases made this impossible.

My sources in the WWE tell me this has been Vince McMahon’s only facial expression since the coronapocalypse put a halt to WrestleMania in a stadium along with subsequent live events.

The argument can be made that considering how badly Florida has been dealing with its handling of the coronavirus, there might not be a show in Florida in 2021 either. While this is speculation on my part, Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s handling of the coronapocalypse suggests he sees it as a minor inconvenience rather than something that might put his business on hold if he’s not careful. The coronapocalypse has impacted millions of Americans and businesses with some people feeling the rush to get back to normalcy has led to what appears to be a spike in COVID-19 cases if not a second wave of the pandemic.

The coronapocalypse shouldn’t have to be anything like this, but more people in the United States need to take it more seriously.

While McMahon has been able to run shows in Florida (arguably due to having friends in high places such as the White House and Florida’s governor’s mansion), that might change in 2021 depending on the Presidential election. There could be stricter regulations on public gatherings and sporting events until the pandemic is brought under control. For now, it appears Vince McMahon is gambling that it won’t happen, but it’s a wager we won’t know the outcome to for several more months.

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