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Worried Yooper Parents Posts Warning To Public Regarding School “Group” Making Kids Cut Themselves To Be Apart Of “Cool Kids” Group

Jena Roberts is a concerned parent from South Range Elementary school in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and she is warning other parents regarding a school “group” that make students cut themselves and staple themselves to be apart of the group.

Some parents are saying “kids will be kid” and honestly…. I still think it’s strange. Especially seeing it’s elementary school.

Her post read:

So…. my son came home from school and I notice these “ marks” on his arm. I questioned him and what he told me had me raging inside 😤. He tells me that another kid at school did this to him and a few other students in order to part of this “ group”…. in order to be in this said “ group” the leader gets to cut you with a stable and have to bleed and if you don’t they cut you again….if you wanna be a leader you have to stable the back of your calf 🤯🤯🤯. He told me a few of the names of the other kids that are victims of this and notified the parents.( some of the these kids are in lower grades then said kid who’s the leader )
This morning the school will know and I ain’t fucking around…..something will be done😡😡🤬

Another person commented with this image:

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