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Woman Arrested After Spitting in Face of New York City Police Officer, While Shouting, ‘F*ck You Fascist!’ (Video)

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It’s only been a couple days post-Election Day and it’s starting to get even more nuts with stories like this one.

In a tweet by Elizabeth Rosner of the New York Post, a woman at the West Village area in New York City was caught on video being arrested after shouting profanities at a NYPD officer, and then spat at him in the face.

The profanity the woman shouted at the officer was, ‘f*ck you, fascist!’ multiple times before spitting the officer.

This act was part of the many incidents happening while the country is awaiting the final Presidential results.

The demonstrators there were trying to help her and others by using NYPD’s bikes, and it didn’t work as a fellow demonstrator got arrested not far from that area.

I have a feeling there will be more of these incidents coming up in the near future, and they’ll be just as ugly as these ones. This is going to a long end to the depressing year that is 2020.

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