With Russell Westbrook Are The Wizards A Serious Playoff Threat?

It seemed inevitable that a trade between the Wizards and the Rockets would happen where they would swipe their superstar point guards in Russell Westbrook and John Wall. With the addition of Russell Westbrook on the Wizards it changes the dynamic of the team and if you look at their roster they could be a sleeper team in the East where they may shock a lot of people. They should be a fun team to keep your eye on as the season tips off in a couple of weeks.

Listen the Wizards are not going to set the world on fire and make the NBA Finals but Westbrook on paper seems to elevate the roster and is a good fit for the players that are currently on the Wizards roster. A lot of people can benefit on this team with Westbrooks addition; Rui will play in the pick and roll with Westbrook same goes with Thomas Bryant, they will be able to space the floor with the threat of David Bertans on the perimeter, and lastly Beal is not as ball dominate as Harden. This trade seems to benefit the Wizards a lot and potentially can propel them into a serious playoff hunt.

Now again keep in mind it is still Russell Westbrook and he will not sacrifice his play for no one he will still take shots in high volume, and crazy three point shots that do not make sense, and erotic play from time to time. I think the addition of Westbrook will benefit this roster more than hurt it, Russell will be a mission this year to reintroduce himself to the NBA and to show everyone that he is still an MVP caliber player. You have to think also with an expanded playoff seeding that the Wizards are a lock to make the playoffs especially when you are talking about the players that this roster has on paper.

I am upset that the Knicks never pulled the trigger him and brought him aboard but I am happy for him that he got away from Harden and can contribute on this young Wizards team helping them make a run in an Eastern Conference that is extremely top heavy. They will be a team to watch trust me.

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