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A wish list for new Browns GM John Dorsey

To newly instated GM John Dorsey,

As a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, I thank you whole-heartedly for wanting to take on our trainwreck of an organization head on. Your track record and straightforward attitude is something we’ve needed desperately in this city and organization for about two decades now. Welcome to the Dawg Pound, good sir.

Just remember this. If you win here, you WILL have a statue or monument of some degree outside of the stadium. I absolutely guarantee it. We all have faith in you. Let’s right this ship before we all drown and freeze to death…

Anyway, here is my wishlist for our misguided, untalented, yet beloved Cleveland Browns.

1. Remodel the coaching staff.

We need a new head coach. This has been nothing but a bad dream. How could this organization possibly retain and even worse, have the AUDACITY to defend 1 win in 2 years? Hue Jackson has run his course here.

He has been an inept play caller, has poor game management, has publicly criticized and in some ways, belittled his rookie starting quarterback, and a number of players have grown weary of his bogus speeches and cries of bad talent.

Even if that statement is true, the bottom line is this. This team should not be anywhere near 0-16 after being 1-15 the previous year, especially with the talent (minus Kenny Britt) they acquired the previous offseason.

This is an all-out disgrace to an already snakebitten organization. It is never too late to do the right thing like Spike Lee.

I would love to see how Al Saunders would fare as an offensive coordinator. However with the reports of Houston Texans QB coach Sean Ryan interviewing with Cleveland circling around, what could it hurt? We ARE remodeling the staff.

2. Fire Paul DePodesta.

Repeat after me. ANALYTICS DON’T BELONG IN FOOTBALL! Sashi Brown has already received his walking papers. Hue Jackson should be gone. You have hired Alonzo Highsmith away from the Packers.
Next step, get DePodesta outta here. Why is an ex-baseball executive apart of a front office for a football team again? Yikes…

No hard feelings, but he was in over his head from Day 1. Plus, he’s still got that 1-31 analytical stink on him and both parties need to wash clean of this. It’s for the best.

3. Keep track of your pockets

We will have approximately $110 million in cap space at the start of free agency. Spend about $50-60 million this coming offseason in free agency.

Go after big free agents. Jarvis Landry, Trumaine Johnson, Allen Robinson, Kyle Fuller, Kirk Cousins, Nate Solder, Tre’ Boston, Eric Reid, etc. No more signing one-trick ponies with character issues, please?

Save about $18-20 million to sign all of our draft picks.


Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, A. J. McCarron, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford and possibly Alex Smith will be available either in free agency or through a trade. Take your pick. Choose wisely, however.

It’s apparent that this organization is equally as horrible at developing a quarterback as we are drafting one. So get one who is developed and go from there.

5. Please. Draft. A Quarterback.

This quarterback class is….LOADED with talent that can be developed for the foreseeable future. It makes no sense to throw yet another rookie into the fire. However, having top-flight insurance at the most important position in sports is never a bad idea.

6. Improve the Secondary and acquire a Free Safety

I feel as if I’ve been saying this for years on end now. We have not had decent to good safety play in three years. Jabrill Peppers’ rookie season was an absolute waste because he played out of position (25 yards away from the LOS, too) all season long.

That should be an area targeted early in the draft with the likes of Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick and Florida State’s Derwin James leading a deep class of talented safeties.

This draft is also very deep at the cornerback position. Denzel Ward of Ohio State, Carlton Davis of Auburn, and Donte’ Jackson lead yet another very elite class of defensive backs. You can never have too many of those, either in this day and age.

Briean Boddy-Calhoun is the lone bright spot at corner. He has built a reputation of being an elite slot corner with the ability to play outside.

Jason McCourty had a late-season stretch meltdown of epic proportions. After giving up only 2 TD’s the first 11 games of the season, he gave up 6 TD’s in the final 5 games including 3 in the same game vs. Green Bay.

Jamar Taylor, who signed a 3-year extension towards the end of 2016, simply isn’t a starter. Mike Jordan is marginal at best. Howard Wilson, a 4th round draft pick last year from Houston should be healthy for next season.

7. Finally. Just Relax.

You’ve been here before, Dorsey. There is no need to panic. This may be the worst organization you’ve been linked to, but you do have a lot of ammunition for the offseason.

With $110 million in cap space and 13 draft selections, you’re more than likely foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to restore this franchise to its rightful glory. Just take your time, work hard, and relax. We’ll see ya soon, brother. Fight the good fight.

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