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Will The Astros Resign Carlos Correa? (They Should)

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It has officially come, today is the last day that the Houston Astros have to resign All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa. As a fan of the Houston Astros the decision we make on Correa will depict the direction the organization is wanting to take going forward. Are we sick of the old regime that is cluttered with cheating allegations, or are we willing to stay true and loyal to the guys we had win us a World Series title? These are the questions I have.

When it comes to Correa as a player he’s a rockstar. Flashy glove, big arm, great speed, and even has some pop with the bat. I personally want him back in the blue and orange. He was a staple of our huge rebuild and is a guy I want to see die in an Astros uniform. I cannot and will not stomach losing all the players I fell in love with just because the organization is too afraid to defend their actions and take steps to rectify them.

This tweet makes me feel uneasy… It seems as though James Click is taking this as something that isn’t top priority. I mean if you wanted to resign the man wouldn’t you just pay him the check he deserves??? Saying “We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t put our best foot forward.” just irritates me down to my very core. Go take Joel Osteen’s private jet go down to Ponce, Puerto Rico and tell him that we don’t only want the man but need him.

People forget that even though the Astros cheated for the last few years that in the 2020 Post Season Correa was an ABSOLUTE WEAPON. He hit .362, had 7 moonshots and drove in 17 runs. Basically grabbing the whole team throwing them on his back and taking them to Game 7 of the ALCS.

Enjoy these highlights because of our terrible front office we may never see him in an Astros jersey again.

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