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Will Smith Is A Liar @HardFactorNews #FatBoySummer

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Today I learned shocking news that we all should have seen coming. Will Smith is a liar. SMith has been recently posting pictures of himself on instagram showing his recent weight gain. Upon first seeing this many people expected it to be some sort of a body positivity but we should’ve sniffed his bullshit out quickly. Even social media pages like Barstool’s Hard Factor stretched out an open hand to let Smith join in on #FatBoySummer

I mean look at him. I’ve never liked him more. It seemed as though he dropped his arrogance and was able to be human finally. I was wrong.

This asshole is trying to play this off as a new business for himself. Smith gained all of this weight on purpose so he could create a fitness YouTube series and take our money. Fuck that.

In this press release Hard Factor goes and annihilates Will Smith and his cheap tactics. As a fellow fat man myself I take this personally. I already had a huge vendetta against Smith and this just adds fuel to the fire. #FatBoySummer is for the common man not high polluting celebrities and it should always remain that way.

Only exception is right here.

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