Will Professional Sports teams Return to the White House with Donald Trump Out of Office?

Throughout Donald Trumps presidency over 20 professional and collegiate sports teams won championships, and about 50% of those teams didn’t show up to the white house. Will that change during the Biden administration?

Truth be told, I have no idea what these professional teams are gonna do with Biden in office? How could I? I assume they’ll visit but I don’t know for sure, nobody told me. Is Biden even a sports fan? No way, right? Regardless, no president is gonna beat the Obama administration’s interaction with championship teams. Man was an all-time title celebrator.

I’m not a political guy, but man do I hope these teams start returning to the White House. There’s just something so historic about a championship team meeting the president, and out country’s been missing that for the past 4 years. Bring em back, Joe!


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