Pat McAfee

Will Pat McAfee be the New Corso?!

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With the huge upswing of what I call McAfee Maniacs, Pat’s stardom has gone through the roof. He has been working for the WWE, ESPN Thursday Night College Football, a regular on Get Up, he also has a daily radio show on DAZN.

The one thing I admire about Pat is that he is still doing his podcast with his childhood friends. They talk pop culture, sports and life experiences. This man is over the United States covering sports and showing everyone what being authentically real is all about.

Sources say that McAfee’s next big move is to be a regular on ESPN’s College Gameday. Views on Thursday Night College Football are you 30% and he’s good friends with Kirk. ESPN is realizing that other media companies are coming for them and they need a real, raw personality to keep them on top.

The best move would be to have him slowly slide into Corso’s role as funny guy on the panel. It’s a natural fit, and the man knows the game but approaches it in a angle that most millennials respond to positively.

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