Will Baker Mayfield Show The World That He Has Balls Of Steel On Thursday Night Football?

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With Cleveland Browns starting QB Baker Mayfield having a dislocated shoulder it has left his status for the Browns Thursday night matchup totally in purgatory. I for one have dealt with a similar shoulder injury and continued on. Granted, this was AAA Texas High School Football and not the NFL, however I digress.

Mayfields status has been all over the place and every single story I’ve read seems to tell a different story. Well, there is no better source than the guy we are talking about.

I love this statement from Mayfield. THere is without a shadow of doubt in my mind that MAyfield will be taking the reign’s’ for the Browns come Thursday night and we will all be idiots when he goes out there and produces like we know he can.

Mayfield grew up in Texas, and therefore doesn’t have a bone of weakness in his body. Mayfield continues to go out and show all the haters wrong. Your QB can have a backwards hat, he can get a public intoxication arrest, and he can go and get sucked off behind a Cheesecake Factory. IT’S ALL OKAY.

WHat Mayfield may lack in his off the field character he more than makes up for in moxy. Mayfield (outside of Gardner Minshew) is the most moxy filled QB these two eyes have ever seen. Mayfield will go out Thursday and do what the Browns need from him so they can go win and keep moving in their playoff pursuit. MAyfield will show the world Thursday his big boy balls and go and put all the hate to bed.

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