Wild Ending Florida’s DB Launched A Shoe 40 Yards And Cost Themselves A Shot At The CFP

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Apparently you cannot launch a shoe forty yards and expect not to get a penalty called against you.

What an absolute wild ending to the Florida v. LSU game, the Gators were leading by three with two seconds to go and looked like they were potentially playoff bound but their idiot DB thought it was a good idea to launch an LSU players shoe forty yards which screwed their chance after that play.

What an absolute bone head he should be thrown out of the program and have his scholarship taken away from him immediately. He is lucky that you cannot have people on campus because if everything was back to normal

Florida students should be allowed to throw eggs at him what a moron. I mean there is no other way to to describe what just happened it was an absolutely wild play that does not make sense. Is Florida such a dysfunctional program that the DB thought it was a good idea to throw a shoe. I mean tell me he goes to class and has a decent GPA I dare you. Talk about someone who absolutely derailed his future professional career if he even had one.

All that can be said about this play is wow. This is too bad because this game most likely eliminates Florida from the playoff race.

Great win for the Tigers is right.

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