Wife of Golden State Warriors Owner Received Death Threats After Interaction With Beyonce and Jay Z at NBA Finals Game 3

What seemed to be a simple conversation at the NBA Finals Game 3 from Golden State Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob’s wife, Nicole Curran, for Beyoncé and Jay Z turned to a messy situation.

Beyonce and Curran (right) sitting courtside during last night’s game.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported that Curran received death threats from Beyonce’s fans from social media following their interaction courtside in Game 3. 

Shelburne said that Curran was in tears after receiving the threats and had to disable her accounts.

In a viral tweet on social media, Curran was seen talking with the couple and Beyonce was supposedly annoyed when talking to her. 

Shelburne said Curran was asking them if they want drinks during the game. Beyonce was seen giving her a side-eye for reaching over and talking to Jay Z.

Jay Z was asking for one drink, but Curran couldn’t hear him at the time. 

Curran thought little of what the ‘Beyhive’ reacted until she seen tweets and text messages at home from friends and family.

Her Instagram account pictures were filled with fans threatening her and giving out the bee emojis.

Down below is a link of what Beyonce’s fans said in social media.

Curran said that the couple were guests at Warriors games a few times before Wednesday’s online backlash. 

In Shelburne’s tweets, Curran said she denies any hostility against the couple. 

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