Why the World Needs a Talk Show Featuring 90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem.

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It’s time for 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela Deem to save the day. Whether it’s the coronapocalypse, economic uncertainty, or a lack of quality shows (Was Bruce Springsteen right when he sang “57 Channels and Nothin’ On?”), there’s no question it’s time for Angela Deem to get her own show.

For the Philistines reading this, Angela Deem is one of the most popular personalities from TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé franchise. While Deem’s bawdy antics rub some fans the wrong way, her large-and-in-charge approach to life makes for entertaining television. As viewers know, Angela recently married Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria and the couple is preparing for married bliss (which everyone knows is an oxymoron when it comes to Deem who more or less told Michael at one point if you think life was hell before we got married, just wait.

Fans who love Angela’s take-no-prisoners attitude will be happy to know she has a spin-off coming out. According to Soap Dirt


Meanwhile, new faces will also join 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Pillow Talk. Apparently, mot her and daughter duo Angela Deem and Skyla Deem are the latest addition to the show. The series tends to do cast rotation from time to time so their inclusion isn’t surprising at all.

The show’s teaser caption on TLC’s website reveals Skyla and Angela Deem’s participation in the hit 90 Day Fiance spinoff. The group will share their reactions about the episode, which could get brutally honest at times. Angela’s Pillow Talk debut will tackle episode 15, Ready Or Not. 

Fans know Angela and Michael also appeared on the recent 90 Day Fiancé

’s Happily Ever After: Strikes Back. However, the world needs more than just Angela sharing her opinions about the shenanigans on a 90 Day Fiance episode, they need her wit and wisdom helping other people.

If people like Dr. Phil can dole out advice to society’s wayward and troubled individuals, why not Angela Deem? Deem has taken the feminist movement from the fourth-wave to the fifth-wave, providing a hybrid of old-school womanhood with a certain je ne sais quoi approach to navigating the pitfalls of the patriarchy, be they in the first world or the third world. Don’t believe me? Check out Angela’s skillful navigation of a situation where she was expected to cook dinner for Michael’s mother and aunt:

Angela took a post-colonial approach to things, transforming “Nobody out-pizzas the Hut” into “Nobody outwits Angela, not even the patriarchy.”

The choice is easy, Angela Deem needs her own talk show where she provides relationship help and parenting tips for today’s lost generation. It’s a natural step for the grandmother, mother, and wife, whose common sense approach to life should help steer people of the challenges of a postmodernist world. In addition, she can offer dating tips and update viewers on the latest fashions including hints on how to fit a cell phone, a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter in your bosom with no chafing.

Nearly 60 years after FCC Chairman Newton Minnow described television as a vast wasteland, it’s time for TLC to help take TV out of the wasteland and back into the Golden Age. An Angela Deem talk show may not be enough to do so, but it will be a much-needed step in the journey.

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