Why The Matthew Stafford Trade Makes Sense For Both Sides

It’s time to face reality if you are a Lions fan. I’m not ready to face it but it’s happening. Matthew Stafford will no longer be the quarterback of the Lions. Truly end of a era. I know it sounds crazy that a team would trade their franchise quarterback but this trade makes sense for both sides.

The Lions are starting a rebuild. There’s a reason why the Lions gave Brad Holmes a five-year deal and Dan Campbell a six-year deal. This franchise doesn’t expect wins right away. I know it sucks but that’s how it is. With the Lions going into a rebuild, it is understandable Stafford would want to go to a contender at this stage of his career. Stafford is 32, turning 33 in a month. By the end of the rebuild, Stafford wouldn’t be the same. Makes sense for the Lions to start young while giving Stafford what he wants. Stafford deserves to go to a contender. Stafford has done everything he can for this franchise and they have failed him multiple times.

Teams like Indianapolis or San Fran could be in the mix, Stafford going to those teams would immune turn them into a super bowl contender. Wherever Stafford goes, I’ll be rooting for him. I’m sure most Lions fans will. Thank you number 9.

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