Why The Hell Is Kwame Brown Trending On Twitter In 2021? 13 Years Ago The Legendary Stephen A. Smith Crazy Kwame Brown Rant Happened

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It’s 2021 right? I mean.. I think so. Or is it like 2008?

Kwame Brown is trending on Twitter right now and I can’t lie, I totally forgot about Kwame Brown. But 13 years ago today, the Lakers traded Kwame Brown and additional assets to the Grizzlies in exchange for Pau Gasol. A trade that needless to say improved the Lakers a ton!

To go with this special day 13 years ago Stephen A. Smith went viral for his rant on the trade.

Needless to say, Stephen A. isn’t a fan of KWAAAAMEEE BROWN!

This moment by Stephen A. has to be one of the most legendary in all of sports.

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