Why Scru Face Jean Will Be Next Up In 2019

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It seems to be a regular discussion among hip hop fans whenever a new year begins. Which artists are going to blow up this year? There have been many success stories in the past. Eminem blew up in the late 1990s/early 2000s. More recently, Joyner Lucas established himself in the mainstream. One more artist who should be blowing up is Scru Face Jean.

You can find Scru’s music on any streaming platform, but his forte is YouTube. He has one thing going for him that a lot of upcoming artists do not have, and that is the backing of the YouTube machine. Along with his music, Scru regularly produces breakdowns and reactions to any and all things hip hop on his channel, Scru Reactions.

An example of the respect Scru has among the YouTube community would be the backing he received after speaking about an incident with fellow hip hop artist Dax. YouTubers came to the defense of Scru, and helped give “I Am Not Dax” a ton of momentum. It didn’t find its way on the mainstream radar, but the way the song spread was unprecedented by a YouTube Rapper, a title Scru has no problem claiming.

If you’re looking for bars, flow, technique, etc., Scru has it all. He shows an incredible understanding of hip hop, and is in tune with what his fan base is looking for. Looking at the aforementioned “I Am Not Dax” track, we see a man pour his heart onto the page. Some of the best bars, in my opinion, include:

“It’s Scru Face in the place and I’m about to handle ya/I heard you were a hooper but these shots about to damage ya.”

“This ain’t no suicide drill to check ya stamina/I’m ill, this is suicide for real for any challenger.”

“He told Adam22 he wasn’t a YouTube n***a/So point at him with .22s and shoot like you too n***a.”

“Where I’m from you can get jumped, n****s gettin’ bunnied for it/With my bees in the trap you catchin’ a honey for it.”

This is just without getting into the main issues that sparked the track to begin with. I could throw out more bars, but I don’t want to give away too much. I prefer you scroll back up, click that hyperlink, and check the track out for yourself. It really is that great.

Scru is an incredibly talented individual, but what will cause him to blow up in 2019 is his connection to the YouTube community I mentioned earlier. With no mainstream support, YouTube reaction channels helped this track come close to 300K views in about three days. These reaction channels themselves don’t have a ton of subscribers, but together they got word out about this track.

To his credit, instead of shy away from it, Scru has embraced the love shown by these channels. He, unlike artists such as Dax, doesn’t see YouTube as something to be ashamed of. Not only that, but Scru has an incredibly loyal fan base that was also instrumental in pushing this track. How was this fanbase built? YouTube.

He realizes the power YouTube has, and in embracing that, is ensuring he will begin to blow up in 2019. Be on the lookout for Scru and the SFJ Nation, because they’ll be on the scene in due time. Shoutout to Scru if you happen to read this.

I’ll allow his words to close this out.

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