Why is #VerifyCorpse Trending? @Corpse_Husband

This is an odd one I am seeing Verify Corpse everywhere on Twitter and I am very confused. I did a little digging and he seems to be a rapper named Corpse Husband? Or musician, I have no clue I clicked on his pinned tweet and it is a very deep voice rapping with what I am guessing is anime clips in the background? It is not for me thats all I know, but that is ok music is all about taste. Anyways he seems to have a cult following of a bunch of weird individuals who I am sure in highschool ran in the hallways to get to their classes but that is neither here nor there. The purpose of this said hashtag is to get Twitter to verify Corpse Husband. I have never heard of this person at all an listening to that five second pinned tweet I hope I never have to again. This ain’t it chief.

I don’t know how you categorize this genre of music or who it is for but it is out there and weird that is for sure. Not for me, which is fine but I would love to see what his ‘fans’ look like. Currently, lets call him Corpse is at an impressive 487.1K followers on Twitter who are those almost half a million followers? I would love to know but lets see if he reaches his goal of getting verified. He claimed earlier that him and his fans ‘broke’ Twitter today with their powerful hashtag, do not know if I really believe that but who knows. Anyways best of luck to Corpse Husband on getting verified!


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