Why is PETA Trending? @peta

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What did these idiots at PETA do this time. PETA is probably one of the worst organizations in the world not only are they annoying but they take the high moral ground on everything. Look up what they do to dogs if you get the chance.

Now that is not here nor there what did those idiots over at PETA do this time they probably had the worst take of all time when concerning Thanksgiving and Twitter is straight up clowning them.

Let’s just say Twitter was ruthless about the whole ‘stuffing’ comment it is times like these where I say to myself ‘Twitter is really free huh?”

Whatever intern that came up with this tweet should be fired I mean you really thought this was going to go over well? Where are the police because someone over there at PETA is out of control. I mean the fact that someone took time to create that image and then come up with the tweet and think that it would go over well is wild to me.

I always say Twitter is an unforgiving place and people will run wild on you but geez is this a great example of that. Really someone tell me that this tweet was a joke and I will feel better about this

All I know is all my homies hate this tweet whether you are a vegetarian or do not consume animal products at all. They are a terrible organization and if you are supporting them in any capacity do your research and better educate yourself because you look like a stupid idiot as well. PETA is terrible.

I mean do your research I understand this is one post but if you really do care about animals and their overall well being you will understand that PETA is not this holy upstanding organization they are literally a huge slaughter house. I will say it again. ALL MY HOMIES HATE PETA.

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